Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 Aero Blue Elegant

This time I share the operating system windows 7 aero elegant blue
The following details,

Windows 7 Aero Blue Elegant 32bit architecture is made by KTV Team of Vietnam, the OS is already integrated with Service Pack 1 and Internet Explorer 9 is constructed from the original version of Windows 7 Ultimate and no features removed so that the operating system is still the standard default and you need to know the OS is already full Activated.

Below are some updates from the Seven Aero Blue Elegant namely:

Maret 2012 Update hotfix.

Driver Packs for Windows 7 x86:
- LAN verion 11:12.
- WLAN version 3.12.

- Unikey.
- CCleaner.3.16.1666.
- WinRar.4.11.
- HashCheck_2.1.11.1.
- Foxit_Reader_5. 0.2.0718.
- Themes & Wallpaper.
- Auto Active.

Disable UAC.
Disable Hibernation.
Disable AutoUpdate.
Allow 3rd Party Themes
Add ‘Copy To Folder’ to context-menu
Add ‘Move To Folder’ to context-menu
Add ‘Take Ownership’ to context-menu
Menu Bar Always Show
IE Homepage :: Google
Set Google as Search Provider
Links Remove Bar
Remove Bing Search Provider
Show ‘Computer’ on Desktop
Show ‘Control Panel’ on Desktop
Show ‘Network’ on Desktop
Show ‘Run’ on Start Menu
Show User Folder on Desktop
CMD Change Text Colour :: Blue
Kill Services Quicker on Shutdown
Show ‘Run’ on the Start Menu
Speed Up Desktop
Speed-up Access to AVI Media Files


Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 Aero Blue Elegant

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 Aero Blue Elegant

Windows 7 SP1 Aero Blue Elegant x86 2012 ISO l 3.0 GB

Download here Windows7SP1ABE.iso.001 (199.000 MB)
Download here Windows7SP1ABE.iso.002 (199.000 MB)
Download here Windows7SP1ABE.iso.003 (199.000 MB)
Download here Windows7SP1ABE.iso.004 (199.000 MB)
Download here Windows7SP1ABE.iso.005 (199.000 MB)
Download here Windows7SP1ABE.iso.006 (199.000 MB)
Download here Windows7SP1ABE.iso.007 (199.000 MB)
Download here Windows7SP1ABE.iso.008 (199.000 MB)
Download here Windows7SP1ABE.iso.009 (199.000 MB)
Download here Windows7SP1ABE.iso.010 (199.000 MB)
Download here Windows7SP1ABE.iso.011 (199.000 MB)
Download here Windows7SP1ABE.iso.012 (199.000 MB)
Download here Windows7SP1ABE.iso.013 (199.000 MB)
Download here Windows7SP1ABE.iso.014 (199.000 MB)
Download here Windows7SP1ABE.iso.015 (157.828 MB)

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