Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Instalasi Windows xp from usb (Pendrive)

posting this time I will discuss on how to install windows xp from pendrive with his program that can be downloaded here ...

 Here's how to install windows xp from a pendrive. :

1. Ekstrak XPFromUsb file in the drive anywhere And inside its  There is a File named Usb USB_MultiBoot_10 Then Send to your Desktop.
2. If you are using the ISO File Windows OS then make a folder on drive C and name anything "without spaces/Punctuation other" and if you're using a Windows OS CD, Copy all windows files into the folder C you have named.
3. Click 2 x USB_MultiBoot_10 imaginable on the desktop just now and then press enter and then you Select H for usb format select the inget file system NTFS upon completion
4. then You choose 1 to then enter then you browse to the file that you copy into Drive C, and answer the pertanyaan2 that will appear, if there are any questions Yes and No then Select Yes on, after the process is complete
5. then you select the No 2 and then Enter after it you browse where you Can position the usb drives E, F, G Etc.
6. After you select the Step No. 3 and then Enter the waiting process boot usb if there are any questions Yes and No then Select Yes so on, up to complete
7. "Remember Don't Do any activity from the Start of the first Ways"
8. and then Restart your Notebook/computer You then go into the BIOS of your PC Each program – Each after the first Boot To Set the Usb and the second is to Your hard drive and then Save Each – each of them.
9. once it appears Black screen display and there is a choice of 1, 2, and 3
10. To start The Process To choose a 1, then you select the No 2 and 2.
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